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The ROD SUSPENSION tool line!

Those tools you've been hearing about.

An innovative rod suspension design for oil and gas operations. and for protection of offset wells during fracturing services.

Have wells with rods?
There are tubing hangers and casing hangers but until now there have not been any internal rod hangers.  WST's revolutionary technology allows the rods to be hung and a well head place on top - no need to pull the rods.

Concerned about frack hits? 
Well Suspension tools can suspend adjacent rod wells quickly and inexpensively to prepare for fracking, saving you >$100K per well.

Have wells that need to be suspended?
For a day?  For years?  With WST tools, you can install a wellhead with rods & pump left in the well, making well suspensions, re-activations and production optimization operations faster.
WST's tools enable the sucker rod and BHP assembly to be left in a suspended well bore, within an inhibited environment, allowing them to be protected and later reused.

WST tool suspensions reduce costs by: 

  • reducing suspension operation costs

  • reducing well head inspections

  • eliminating well head equipment maintenance 

  • reducing road and lease maintenance

  • reducing power requirements, and 

  • reducing landowner issues.


The BHP and rod string assembly are suspended within the well bore in an inhibited state, preventing degradation (oxidation), wear-and-tear, handling (trucking and inventory) and significantly reducing theft.


Contain all fluids with a 'C' tool suspension and a pressure-rated valve.


Given time, stuffing box components will leak, releasing oil, gas and salt water. 

A proper suspension reduces environmental contamination due to leaky surface equipment.

For long term protection, a corrosion inhibitor will protects the down hole tubulars and equipment.


Manage work site hours and prevent fatigue-related incidents. WST tools allow for a quick and secure shut down of sucker rod operations during emergency or other shut down situations, creating a safe and efficient work environment.


When the sucker rod assembly is suspended within the well, re-activation is simple and economic. These tools save money - whether suspension for production optimization, well or gathering system maintenance, or to simply postpone production waiting on pricing. 

Pictures of Tools

Leaking wells can create significant environmental, regulatory and legal liabilities for any company. Well suspensions using WST's tools eliminate leaks and costly remediation efforts.


Suspend any rod pumped well safely and economically until oil prices recover.

Eliminate surface pressure or fluid depletion with a secure valve as opposed to a stuffing box.

WST's tools will help to:

   - speed frack prep of nearby wells

   - reduce operating expenses

   - protect the environment

   - increase operational safety

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