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Applications: Suspension & Reactivation

 C Tool



Well Suspension Tools Ltd. line of tools means well suspension can now be performed with less cost due to increased efficiency and improved safety. Wells can be suspended then re-activated when operational or economic conditions dictate.


Improperly shut-in wells can leak contaminants - crude oil, natural gas and/or formation water. Leaks can be eliminated by suspending a well with the rods in the well bore and a pressure-rated wellhead.











A proper well suspension includes a secured valve system complete with bull plugs on all outlets but does not include a stuffing box and rod BOP combination. The WST line of tools will change the way suspension operations are conducted for rod pumped wells. The WST suspension is SUPERIOR because the operations and final well state are:

  • environmentally responsible;

  • cost effective;

  • safer; and,

  • regulatory compliant (depending upon jurisdiction).


Well suspensions using WST's tools enables the operator to: 

  • inhibit or treat the well bore by means of forward or reverse circulation through the tool and allowing for proper well bore treatments and/or inhibition using proper chemicals such as H2S scavengers, de-scaling chemicals, paraffin wax inhibitors and/or solvents, corrosion inhibitors, etc.;

  • protect downhole assemblies since the pump and rod string are left suspended in the well (therefore not subject to corrosion, degradation, transportation costs, handling wear/damage, or theft);

  • enhance recovery, as over time reservoir pressure can re-charge and enable greater oil recoveries; and,

  • reduce shut down costs, (minimize inspections, reduce road/wellsite maintenance, suspend power to site, recycle generators, etc.). 


The greatest advantage with a WST suspension are the cost savings achieved during reactivation!  Operational requirements are reduced, therefore costly services are minimized.  The rods and pump assembly are already place, ready to be employed. Your protected assets/reservoir are ready to be utilized for maximum value.




By utilizing the WST tools, at any point during the installation or removal of the sucker rod assembly, the operation can be quickly stopped.  The tools enable a proper wellhead to be installed and the well secured.  Rods no longer need to be completely installed or completely out of the well bore. 


Safety:  During a rod operation, consider the operational and liability issues that a quick shut in could prevent, if there was: 

  • a medical emergency

  • extreme weather conditions (electrical storm, wind, cold, ...)

  • operational issues (equipment breakdown, well bore issues, material shortage, etc. ...)


Time Management:  Work hours and overtime are easily coordinated by the well site supervisor.  A rod operation can be suspended safely and quickly, allowing completion when desirable (i.e. the next day).   This allows the supervisor to optimize the use of equipment, personnel, and capital. 


Operational Advantage:  Increasing Pressure Capabilities


  • A stuck rod string can be flushed using a high pressure system (rather than picking up and installing the polished rod, and expecting the stuffing box to provide a pressure seal



During the production phase of your well, many different challenges will arise requiring on-going maintenance.  Many of the advantages mentioned previously are still applicable, such as circulating past your bottom hole pump as it allows for better control of your operation, and requires smaller volumes of chemicals than pumping down the annulus.  However, the WST tools can also add additional value:

  • during well bore flushing.  Operations are currently constrained due to low pressure wellhead assemblies.  By suspending the rod string safely and installing a high pressure wellhead assembly, higher circulation rates and pressures can be utilized.

  • for SAGD steam injection.  With the reduced operational requirements of not having to remove the entire rod assembly for service, safety is greatly enhanced.

  • for wells on intermittent production schedules.  Wells which only produce part time due to weather, geographical area, or reservoir characteristics, can be temporarily suspended easily, economically, and securely.  Plus be ready to be economically re-activated.

  • for developing reservoir strategies utilizing suspension, to optimize production and thereby increasing the returns on investment.

  • for wells in heavy oil operations.  Tools enable bottom hole pressure recorders to be installed on the rod string without incurring the problem of a wellhead leak.

  • by organizing treatments schedules and efficiently utilizing third party services.

T Tool



WST’s ‘T’ tool is designed to hold the rod string in place, preventing the rods from moving up or down.  Due to this feature, it has additional applications that will enable clients to save money.

For an offset pumping well close to a fracing operation, the rods can be securely held in place, while the frac job proceeds. .


The WST ‘T’ Suspension Tool allows the operator to quickly and efficiently suspend their sucker rod assembly within the wellbore, thus eliminating the need and cost of a service rig.  With the “T” tool in place, the rods cannot move and the well can be secured by installing a high pressure wellhead.



  • Environment - client is NOT depending on their stuffing box to protect the environment.  

  • Economics - the WST tool allows the revenue producing offset wells to be quickly suspended, and then just as quickly reactivated, producing revenue.  Plus. the bottom hole pump is unseated without a rig.

  • Safety - a high pressure wellhead is installed onto the   tubing head adaptor.  The well is now safe and secure.


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