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An innovative, patented rod suspension design for oil well pumping operations.

WST Ltd. tools make work on rod wells

 more effective, less expensive

and assists your company's ability to

reach your environmental objectives.

"For fiberglass rods, the 'T' tool is best thing on the market ."

Ralph T.  Texas

"With the well depth of 7240 ft. we safely ran in over 50% of the rod string, suspended operations and finished safely the next day.”

​        Randy K.    Operations Consultant

GPS 2017 Nominee.png

WST Ltd. has been nominated for two awards:

Emerging Clean Technologies


Environmental Excellence

** SAFETY **

Allows for a quick and secure method for shutting down sucker rod operation creating a safe and efficient work environment.


Preventing stuffing box from releasing methane and CO2 into the atmosphere will reduce environmental regulatory and legal liability for Oil & Gas companies


Leaving rods hanging within the well bore of a suspended well will reduce rig time, decreasing expenses and will protect rods because they are in tension, not compression.

"Temporarily suspended and protected 12 offset wells, in less than 2 days, prior to beginning of frac operations.   Upon completion of frac operations, wells were up and producing in less than 2 days savings tens of thousands on each frack. "   

            Major O&G Producer,  North Dakota

“Using these tools has enabled us to control our operations.  As winds have come up, it allows us to safely shut in!  Shutting down at the end of the day in the middle of the job, made it much simpler.”

​         Doug P.      Driller on Service Rig,

                            North Dakota

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