Seize the Opportunity to make a difference.  Oil companies, HSE managers, politicians, wellsite supervisors, you and me, we can make a difference.  We all have choices.  Lets make decisions that protect the environment and improve the safety of workers.  This can be done while significantly reducing costs.  


WST tools empower companies to help reduce contaminates released into the air and the  soil, thereby slowing climate change and reducing corporate liabilities.  No company wants to be seen as the 'bad neighbour'.  NO wellsite supervisor, HSE manager, VP of Operations, or politician, should be seen as being indifferent to problems caused by the industry.  


With WST tools, oil wells can be inexpensively suspended.  Avoid the public relations nightmare, 

show you care about the future and refrain from aggravating your shareholders.


 WST tools are incredibly important for the environment.  

 Poorly shut-in wells have a tendency to leak deadly gases and liquids.

    - H2S gas has a very foul odour and it can kill !

    - Methane is extremely volitile and will leak from oil reservoirs.  

          Methane is 25 times as damaging as CO2 for climate change.

    - Carbon Dioxide,  CO2, is considered the gas that is negatively driving

          climate change.

    - Saline Formation Waters - most formations contain a lot of water,  

         often both salty and contaminated with "chemicals" (natural or manmade).

          Spills of formation waters can render land sterile for years.

Suspending a well with WST tools allows you to install a secure wellhead, preventing leaks while preserving downhole assets, and limiting your liabilities. 

Rig Safety

 By using WST tools, a rod job can be paused during the installation or removal

 of the rods.  This means work can stop in case of:

    - a medical emergency, or equipment breakdown

    - a weather problem, such as an electric or wind storm

    - fatigue or darkness

    - wellbore / formation issues

The supervisior can better plan employee hours, stopping at the end of shift so no overtime is required.  Because a wellhead can be installed in minutes, and taken off just as quickly, rod work is easy to manage.  Without the long hours, workers are rested and less likely to be that medical emergency.  Before this tool, it was difficult to quickly and safely secure a well during a rod workover.  Now it is easy and inexpensive.

Chemicals - less is better 

 Significantly less chemicals, up to 75% less, is needed when injecting down the 

 tubing, rather than down the annulus.  Plus the chemical is not as "spent" before

 it reaches it's destination.  Therefore, by using WST tools, it saves money 

 and time, and helps the environment.

We can do it RIGHT!

You often need to get those responsible, to take immediate action if they’re to take action at all.

A sense of urgency is an emotional response that can range from fear, to loss of unbridled enthusiasm. 

One way or another, you’ve got to create it, to look forward to a brighter future.                   Anonymous